Do you boil your bagels?

Yes! They're always boiled before being baked, it creates that nice chew.

What's the best way to keep bagels fresh?

Bagels without preservatives are always best on day 1, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them after that. Here are my top tips for fresh bagels:

1. Store bagels airtight at room temperature. Bagels will become stale faster in the fridge.

2. If you want to freshen up bagels that are more than a day old then you can either slice them in half and toast them or spritz them with water and throw them in the oven for a few minutes.

3. If you know you won't use your bagels on day 1, I'd recommend freezing them. You can thaw them at room temp or in the oven.

4. Come back to Bagel Bar... always happy to help you get your hands on some fresh new bagels! 

Are the bagels vegetarian/vegan?

All of the bagels are vegetarian and most are vegan, with the exception of Choc Chip and any flavours with cheese.

Do you offer gluten free bagels?

Not yet, but maybe in the future. 

Order Cancelation/Refund Policy

Items paid for online are all made to order. The dough is immediately prepared so that your bagels can be baked fresh the next day. Unfortunately, if you change your mind or are unable to pickup/accept the delivery, we're unable to offer a refund. 

We understand that things come up and will work with you as much as we can to make changes to your order (where possible). We can often accommodate a different pickup time, switch between pickup and delivery and even arrange with our courier company to leave your goods in a safe spot at your address if you're not home. 

We're unable to remake your order for a different day, but we would be happy to freeze your freshly baked bagels until a day that you are able to pickup or receive delivery.